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Cocoweb 11 inch Direct Wire LED Picture Light in Oil Rubbed BronzeDSL11ORB-1 - B01MUGYHKZ

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  • Elegant Design: Designed by artists specifically for art

  • Picture-Perfect LED Technology: Bright and equal distribution of light that is safe for artwork and prevents cracking and discoloration due to no UV output and low heat LED nodes

  • Versatile: Directional swivel shade allows for manueverability and precise art lighting

  • Energy Efficient: 80% more energy efficient than traditional picture lights

  • Longer Lasting: Pre-installed LEDs last over 50,000 hours with ample lighting

  • Cocoweb Picture lights were created with the artist in mind. Designed and
    engineered with precision by artists, Cocoweb Picture Lights combine art and
    science with the latest Cocoweb Picture-Perfect LED lighting technology.

    Patented Cocoweb Picture-Perfect LED Technology
    Preserving your artwork is critical when it comes to lighting; LED "light
    bulbs" protects and makes any picture brighter.
    This Tru-Slim LED Picture Light brings the perfect balance of science and art
    with Cocoweb Picture-Perfect LED engineering.

    Cocoweb Picture-Perfect LED is specifically innovated for art picture
    lighting. It shines a natural sunlight color at a temperature of 2700K. The
    pre-installed LED components last for over 50,000 hours of lighting without
    requiring a replacement.

    Every Cocoweb Tru-Slim picture light is an artwork in itself. Each Cocoweb
    Tru-Slim picture light is crafted with materials built to last a lifetime.
    Every light goes through a handcrafted process of burning, painting, and
    finishing touches to complete.

    Safe for your Art
    Cocoweb Picture-Perfect LED does not produce UV radiation; protecting any
    precious painting or piece of art.

    LED lighting barely produces any heat when compared with traditional
    incandescent light bulbs. Low heat is important for any artwork; a cooler
    environment can protect and preserve your piece of art.

    Environmentally Safe
    LED's use 80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs and does not contain
    any mercury. Lasts longer than incandescent bulbs leaving less waste.

    Cocoweb 11 inch Direct Wire LED Picture Light in Oil Rubbed BronzeDSL11ORB-1 - B01MUGYHKZ